Political Memes: First Presidential Debate 2016

Rep. Donald Trump VS. Dem. Hillary Clinton
Even though this political debate is funny enough on its own, here are some of the memes and jokes made after the debate aired on September 26th, 2016. Images followed by video.



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Spongegar Memes

The Spongebob Squarepants’ caveman, primordial meme. Ready for fight or flight much?
spongegar memes 001 1% cant find phone charger

spongegar memes 002 get in van no free candy

spongegar memes 003 sexy imagination
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Cat Memes

The real meaning of the internet.
cat meme 001 angry bunny face

cat meme 002 everyone is asleep

cat meme 003 metallicat
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Animal Pun Memes

A few silly funny animal puns
animal pun memes 001 animal puns quack me up

animal pun memes 002 nasa organize a party

animal pun memes 003 im into fitness and pizza
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Overly Manly Man Memes

Tough dudes got jokes.
overly manly man 001 bloody steak tampon

overly manly man 002 christmas movie diehard

overly manly man 003 frost bite ice tan
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Bad Joke Eel Meme

A few good bad jokes with eels.

Bad Joke Eel 001 facial hair grew on me

Bad Joke Eel 002 dead battery free of charge

Bad Joke Eel 003 fish say dam wall
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Fake Magic Card Memes

Here’s a funny collection of fake Magic cards.
fake magic card memes 001 Krillin

fake magic card memes 002 Kool-Aid Man

fake magic card memes 003 Bob Ross Painter
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