Current Heroes Of The Storm Skins Screenshots

Heres is a quick shot collection of all the currently available skins in the Blizzard game Heroes of the Storm. For more notes and news about HoTs check here.
heroes storm Abathur skins default

heroes storm Abathur skins master

heroes storm Abathur skins Pajamathur
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Real Life Human Torch Drone

A fire service academy ran a test to see what the Human Torch may look like in real life. Flying a drone is cool, but imagine what it would be like flying one on fire. Well, that’s what they did. Not long before the opening of the new Fantastic Four movie, we get to see all of this. The drone was set on fire, while featuring a human shaped body named “Johny”.

Check out the video and image below to see the hot action!

human torch drone fantastic four movie stunt 005
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Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide & Info

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a puzzle game available for mobile, tablet, and Steam. MPQ is developed by D3 Go! and is based off Marvel characters like the Avengers and X-Men.

Recent Character Covers Added:
Spider-Man (Original)
Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force)

I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest for about a month now and it is already in my top recommended mobile games list. Everyday I at least open the game to play one round, usually a couple of the Deadpool dailies, and check up with my new alliance. So far it has taken awhile to improve my team. There are still many covers and levels to unlock, but as long as I keep progressing and opening more game play I will keep at it.

So far my favorite team combo of heroes is Bullseye (Dark Avenger) with Black Widow (Original), mixed with a hard hitting red and yellow cover character. Usually I go with Iron Man, sometimes Wolverine. This team has worked great for delaying the other team and healing. The heals allow me to use the same team over and over again. That’s very valuable in this game. see more of button Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide & Info

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