Logos with Hidden Images

1. Baskins Robbins: You can clearly see the “31” made from the B and R which stands for their 31 flavors.
hidden image logo 001 baskin robins

2. FedEx: You can make out an arrow between the E and X representing how they are fast and accurate.
hidden image logo 002 fedex

3. Goodwill: The face in the corner is cleverly made from a lowercase G, of course for Goodwill.
hidden image logo 003 goodwill

4. Hershey’s Kisses: Between the K and I in the word kisses you will find one extra little kiss.

5. Le Tour De France: The R in tour is a person riding a bike. The O in tour and the orange circle make up the wheels of the bike.
hidden image logo 005 tour de france

6. London Orchestra: You can see the L and O that stand for London Orchestra but if you look close enough you can tell the whole logo is actually the orchestra conductor.
hidden image logo 006 london orchestra

7. NBC: Possibly the most famous hidden image is the peacock right in the middle of what would be the peacocks pink and purple feathers.
hidden image logo 007 nbc

8. Northwest Airlines: The N and W for northwest are made of one image but did you notice it also makes a compass? Pointing in the direction of, you guessed it, northwest.
hidden image logo 008 northwest airlines

9. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: The tree trunk is made from the silhouette of a gorilla and a lion.
hidden image logo 009 pittsburgh zoo

10. Spartan Golf Club: The golfer in the center doubles as the face of a spartan and the half circle image is the helmet. Making the logo a complete spartan head.
hidden image logo 010 spartan golf

11. Toblerone: You can make out the outline of a bear in the mountains since Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland which is known for their many bears.
hidden image logo 011 toblerone

12. Tostitos: One of the more obvious logos, the two T’s in the center are two people dipping a chip in a bowl which is the dot on the I.
hidden image logo 012 tostitos

13. Wendy’s: On the collar of the girls shirt you can make out the word mom. The two M’s are the ruffles and the O is the button.
hidden image logo 013 wendys