Heroes of the Storm Guide

Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm Guide. This guide is a quick reference sheet for playing the game.

Important Tips for Heroes of The Storm
•Try to keep Auto Attacking. Basic attack damage is good, and all damage counts.
•When first learning to play (and later on) your main goal should be don’t die.
•XP is always important, and can win the game.

Default Hero Builds

Currently some of my favorite talent picks for Heroes of the Storms.
Sylvanas Pseudo Assassin
Note: Keeps Syl’s strong lane pushing abilities with extra hero damage and survival.
Level 01 Talent: Paralysis/Merc Queen
Level 04 Talent: Withering Barrage
Level 07 Talent: Unstable Poison/Possession
Level 10 Heroic: Wailing Arrow
Level 13 Talent: Life Drain/Windrunner (if heals)
Level 16 Talent: Cold Embrace
Level 20 Talent: Fury Of The Storm

Kharazim Healing Support Build
Note: A basic healer build with possible Deadly Reach buff up
Level 01 Talent: Transcendence
Level 04 Talent: Protective Shield
Level 07 Talent: Echo of Heaven
Level 10 Heroic: Divine Palm
Level 13 Talent: Spell Shield/Fist of Fury
Level 16 Talent: Circle of Life/Blazing Fists
Level 20 Talent: Storm Shield/Epiphany

Kharazim Insight Hybrid Build
Note: A fun all around build that keeps damage and heals coming, strong end game
Level 01 Talent: Insight
Level 04 Talent: Overtake
Level 07 Talent: Echo of Heaven
Level 10 Heroic: Seven-Sided Strike
Level 13 Talent: Fist of Fury
Level 16 Talent: Blinding Speed
Level 20 Talent: Transgression